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Elz Fic--the first of its kind-- for her birthday

There was post today, and lots of it. The woman flipped through the bills and various advertisements without much thought until she came across a rather gaudy postcard of a pebbled shoreline leading into the crystal blue waters and a rather thick letter that she had been expecting for weeks. Still, the weather was beginning to turn cold and soon she suspected she would develop a cold.

Shedding her jacket she pushed past the front door making her way to the back of the house where the kitchen was located. The mirror above the side table showed her blonde hair escaping its messy bun, but her husband never minded. In fact, he seemed to find her more appealing with ink stains on her hands, messy hair, and glasses slightly awry while she worked. Writing her second novel was easier than the first, and slightly less depressing to the relief of her friends. She had always been a bit too emotionally attached to her work.

The radio was already playing in the other room where her husband was finishing up his latest work. By this time of day he normally had lots of paint splotches all over his clothing, skin, and hair. Thinking about him always made her smile. Everything about her husband was charming from his shyness to his angelic looks, but it was his wit that had drawn her to him. They made quite a comfortable pair.

“The letter came,” she called through the kitchen and into the studio as she fished through their ‘junk drawer', a term she had learned from Jeanne, for a letter-opener.

“Alright, let’s see it then,” her husband could be seen under the layers of splatter. He reached for the postcard first knowing that their best friends always liked to prank them.

Dearest Bobbeh and Elzeh,

Yes, we know that you hate these names, but my wife assures me it’s the best way to keep myself off the couch calling you by the names she deems amusing.

Bob, I hope she’s not beating you with that book of hers!

(The handwriting changed here.)

Elz, don’t let Bobbeh paint you in the nude…you know he has no talent for that when it involves staring at you. And yes there is an evil grin on my face right now.

(The handwriting switched back to the original spidery scrawl.)

We won’t be coming up for Christmas this year. Yorkshire is just too bloody cold.

Much Love,
The Hotter Couple

Eleanor snorted.


There was an awkward silence; then Alex laughed. “Good times, eh? Mind you, it wasn’t any less weird for Elz and Bob.”

“Okay, now we’re done talking, thank you!” Bob broke in, and everyone started to laugh at the blushing artist.

“Nude modeling, Eleanor, I expected better of you!” Ling teased shaking her fork at Eleanor for emphasis.

Ok, that's all. I just wanted to share the amusing parts about Elz in the story I've been working on. *hugs Elz as she sputters about not being with Bobbeh*
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